Mycobacterial diagnostics service

Our Actiphage technology is able to detect the majority of mycobacterial species and has been successfully applied to samples from 17 different animal species so far, including cattle, sheep, camelids and exotic species.

While the majority of analyses are carried out to detect the presence of M. avium, M. bovis and M.paratuberculosis, if you suspect the presence of other mycobacterial species then please indicate this when contacting us and we will confirm if we are able to detect this.


Using our proprietary phage-based detection systems we are able to accurately detect low levels of mycobacteria in diverse animal tissues and food substrates at high levels of sensitivity and specificity.

Our diagnostic services are operated through our microbiology laboratory at the University of Nottingham.

Sample testing process

PBD Biotech's mycobacterial diagnostics service operates on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with results reported no later than 48 hours from sample receipt. In situations where more urgent results are required we are also able to offer our new 6-hour test if required.

The majority of investigations are carried out on milk and blood samples. Other tissues can also be assessed if required.

Sample testing request

In order to request sample testing customers are required to register. Once registered sample collection details, test request forms and labels will be provided.

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